Monday, October 21, 2013

Polar Pacer's Summer - 2013

Polar Pacer’s Summer 2013

Once again we are preparing for winter aboard Polar Pacer after living on Canadian dirt since the end of March.

Green Cove Springs Marina on the St. John’s River in Florida was her resting place for the summer storm season while we reacquainted ourselves with the Province of Alberta where we had previously lived for many years.

The snow we encountered in Virginia on the trip north at the end of March should have been fair warning to us of things to come.

We drove our rental car across the parking lot from the hotel to the closest fast food outlet for dinner.

After a short stop in Ontario we headed west for more snowy punishment.

The view of Lake Michigan from the northbound lane of the Mackinac Bridge.

Ice fishing on Lake Superior.

Our summer island in Alberta was a 5th wheel travel trailer anchored at Hamilton House Bed and Breakfast Inn near the city of Cold Lake.

Not exactly summer when we first came aboard.

 Local wildlife stopping by for a treat.

The view from the starboard ports around the third week in April. Too white!

Finally – a sign of spring as April turned into May.

Knot in Vein’s new inflatable kayak gets an inland test run on the flooded Sturgeon River in St. Albert before making its ocean debut.

 Urban portage.

What would summer in Alberta be without a rodeo? While presenting no competition for the Calgary Stampede, the Cold Lake rodeo in June attracted a number of out of country spectators who were in the area for Maple Flag military exercises at the nearby air base.

 Rodeo clowns in training.

The winning ‘mini chuck’ team.

June also brought heavy rains to much of the province. Two of my aunts were among the thousands of people forced out of their homes.

Wildflowers were abundant.

After celebrating Canada Day in July it was time to prepare the patchwork quilts for the upcoming silent auction at the August family reunion in Rosebud, Alberta.

 Patchwork sewing was a popular activity at the Reunion and good training for Polar Pacer’s canvas repairs.

The Fringe Theatre Festival in Edmonton has been a favorite event of ours for many years and the August 2013 version did not disappoint. We saw some really bad theatre (Moscow Stations, a one man play starring Clayton Jevne), some really good street performers and a surprise encounter with an old friend while we hung out in the beer tent until the thunder shower passed by.

Green onion cakes are a treat that we cannot seem to find anywhere but the Edmonton Fringe Festival.

Zombie bride??

African drummers with a bagpipe accompaniment.

September came with signs that a reunion with Polar Pacer was not far off.

The latest view from the starboard ports.

 Unlike this little fellow we will not hibernate for the winter. Time to prepare for the southerly migration.


La famille Larose said...

Great to hear from you guys!

We sailed a bit last summer but it sure goes by fast up here (

What's your itinerary plan for this winter?

Keep them blog posts coming, we enjoy reading you!

Chris said...

Are you familiar with a musician called Claude Cormier from Iles de la Madeleine? He performed at a house concert this summer at the Bed and Breakfast where we lived. Tom showed him a picture of La Rose des Vents V and he seemed to be familiar with your boat.

La famille Larose said...

Hi Chris,
Hmmm, no, the name doesn't ring any bell.
Our blog has been up there for some time now so if he has an interest ni sailing, maybe he stumbled upon it at some point?
Are you guys in Florida yet?

Chris said...

Yes, we are back in Florida and getting ready for the season.

Dave Lukasek said...

Polar Pacer, I believe you just motored past us on the Caloosahatchee River 11:15 2/2/14. BonVoyage!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tom and Chris,
I sent you an email to your gmail account. Dont know if you are still using it as have had no reply.
Just wondering how you are any where you are up to with the latest adventures

all the best
liz and Chris